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Lana Brooke
Birth date:8 23 80
Birth place:England
Hair color:Brown
Lana Brooke is famous for having one of the finest sets of all-natural boobs on the net!

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hi how are you doing i like your pics
sweet woman   2015-01-10
lana is very sweet woman and has remarkable body which she uses for great profit but others such as coleman really profit off of her
just too say, Lana need's too show her bold pussy more:
Hahahahah, this is hilarious... I used to know her in person
i am so in love with you
She is AWESOME.........
I want to eat her pussy
hi lana can you stop the fake profiel from on badoo on contry of ghana a se your photo ol the time back and it not you daet we tock to so plaes stop the fake profiel from se ekds ol the time mony thx lana brooke
love your pics and profile on cougar life under the name caringgurl27
Lana i love ur face and ur big boobs and i want to fuck u
hello lana I will love to see your new pics
I win! we are getting married in the fall!
Hello my name is Bruce and I am Lana's (not her real name) fiancee. We plan to be married soon in the US. I do have some bad news to share in that she wa taken seriously ill on 8/18/10. We are all praying for a recovery. I do not believe she will be posting any new pictures. Sorry...I know she has a very devoted fan base!
/Bruce S
Great news! Lana is comming home today from hospital after almost passing away from a near falal illness...I was just informed that we will do a traditional wedding in her native country. (not US) We may also do an american wedding which will be broadcast on You-Tube. will keep you all posted. She is a very special lady.
/Bruce S
I only want to send her one email but i can't find the adress on the site so is there anybody who can provide with the email adress or forward the mail for me? my mail is j.andrews at thanks in advance and to the guy who is going to marry her, i wish you 2 all the best and a happy life together.i wish i could stay with the same woman for the rest of my life but i did not have met the one yet.
Lana was diagnosed with severe diabetes and is receiving treatment.She had gone into a coma.
/Bruce S
Hi all! I spoke to Lana today and she says not to forward any emails as she has put that part of her life behind her. Sorry...I asked. Lana is still weak but getting better every day. This girl is beautiful even laying in the hospital with tubes hanging out!
/Bruce S.
Lana is making a great recovery and I did tell her everyone is pulling for her. If anyone has a question for her, post it and I will try to get an answer for you.
/Bruce S
Lana had the last of her hospital treatments and is doing well!
/Bruce S
lana has made a full recovery!
/Bruce S.
Hi, how is Lana and how was the wedding?
/Roy Turner
who is bruce. s who is going to marry with her ?

/Bruce. L
Don't know who Bruce S is but I wish I was marrying her.
/Roy Turner
she's not married there scammers looking for a handout

/got fucked over by a liar
Bruce when are you and lana getting married
and where will it be
when was lana married love to have fucked her before she did
Really...really love to see the pics of your wedding! Love to see her in her own hometown at St Peters Church in Bourne End,England ..... getting hitched to the right guy!
/Blue Wolfe
Hi Bruce when you was married with her and i have heard you are divorced already.
Or the marriage was not going on?

/Mike Holmes
Used the name Gladys Lopez so be on the look out for that name also. Said she from was in New Jersey...
when was she married and are their any photos available to see
Bruce you are the one who was with that beautifull pornostar Lana Brooke?
Can you tell us some about her? How she is doing and if you are really happy with her .

Hi guys , Lana said she is still single.
Where is Bruce the guy who should marry her?
Where does she live?
/Roy Turner
she's a liar and a theif
/fucking skank whore
hi lana, i am a gr8 fan of ur, particularly ur big boobs. I would love to suck & press them hard. It would be real fun to fuck u hard. u r one of the most sexy babes i have ever seen
Lana brooke you face beautiful in the world but you body nice you wrong use
ya i want to know why she scam me out of all my money
/bob maly
Dear Lana, Happy New Year for you!
2012, guys, all im waiting for is a time machine, so i can go back in time and the catch her. but for now, all i wish is that she's happy ever with her private. never to be disturb.
Every celebrity needs privacy.. She shared enough of her natural beauty..
Her name is Amanda Wilkinson, she lives in Brandon Manitoba Canada. She is a drugged up whore with two kids.
not true Amanda Wilkinson is a different celebrity, in fact a singer. be a man Brandon!!!
Hi Brandon, You love this girl isn't it, You've been on the look out since 2009!!.
hope 1 day she drops by to give us an update of herself
I have a question ?
If Lana did not take off her clothes and was the girl next door would you what to be with her .
i hope lana will drop by, to say hello to her fans..
I just hope that, lana got a lot of conpensation enough to sustain her until her retirement, or perhaps get a royalty out of this web business....because like flowers, beauty and charm will soon fade away, but anyway, her beautiful sweet smile, dimple, natural pretty face is locked and preserved in these pictures.. you will surely fell in love..
scammer   2012-03-27
there a scammer out there using lana brooke name she also goes by name of nicole sarah marger. she scam me out of money and then delete me off her blackberry messenger. google her lots of amazing stuff about her..
were is lana brooke 2013-03-30   2013-05-07
were is lana brooke 2013-03-30
hi last chat feb 6 2013 the lady with long black hair i miss u alot said your birthday was 12 23 1982 you know your code name that you chat in skype to me hugs and kisses
/frank lema

I beleive that she has gone into private life. The person you have been chatting with may have been a "Scammer" They are still using her Pic's to scam people out of a lot of Money. I have been hit by them as well, on more then one ocaition on Skype. So you have to watch out.
lana brooke   2013-05-12
hi happy mothersday if u are the lady I saw in Skype need to know did u really got married for I showed u a ring when we open chat line june62010 birthday dec 23 1982
/frank lema
lanabrooke   2012-11-27
would the hot sexy lady chat with me on skype
/frank lema
Who is Lana   2013-01-21
First of all..... Yes ... she is English. She lives west of London. She is 5'9". Her Birthdate is 12/23/82.......her name is NOT Joana Brockson !!!!
And ................she is MINE !!!!
lana brooke   2013-03-09
hi we share a lot on skype and u vanish am i not good enough to hold u close
/frank lema
She's Is Mine   2013-03-15
She belongs exclusicelly to me now. So keep your hands of of her. She is going to become my wife very soom.
/The Same Name
WTF!   2013-03-17
Hey Bruce your wife has sent me pics as well.. and she doesnt want you she wants me or somethings not rite here i have a ton of pics of her and new ones too.. so this is all bs.. and shes going by janet anderson on facebook and a racheal
lana brooke   2013-03-25
hi you is so beautiful in red hearts if your sick ill send my kisses to u you believe u said to me prove your the lady with long black hair isee on my wall miss u
/frank hollywood lema
were is lana brooke   2013-03-30
hi last chat feb 6 2013 the lady with long black hair i miss u alot said your birthday was 12 23 1982 you know your code name that you chat in skype to me hugs and kisses
/frank lema
Hello   2012-04-14
Does any one here know if and when she made it into Playboy? I found a site that said you could do a live chat with her, and found out she is no longer there. There Pic's and Video's from 2005 and her profile there said her dream was to be in Playboy.
/P. K.
lana brooke   2013-06-30
is lana brooke well last seen and chat to on feb 6 2013 born dec 23 1982 she was a angel to me

/frank lema

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