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Crissy Moran
Crissy MoranOne of the most popular models on the net.

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Crissy has left the sex industry   2008-01-04
After turning to Christ Crissy Moran has left porn behind and work with helping outher women in the sex industry
As a fan, whatever makes her happy...i support her decision to leave the industry! =)
As a man, i'm depressed! :( She's One helluva Hot Sexy Lady! ;) Love that Sweet Sexy voice of hers!
I am so happy that crissy has left the sex world i wish her the very best of luck and all that go,s with it she has always been my best girl no one gets close to her she is so lovely god bless you crissy may the power always be with you will miss you and always think of you.
She's the most beautiful woman in the world to me - I understand why she left porn, but why not still share her natural beauty in art form - paintings or art photo's (nude of course!)
i love crissy a lot and wish her the best of times
/Daniel McClure

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